Movement is Life

Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself. 
—Moshe Feldenkrais

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“Runners Hit Their Stride With Feldenkrais”

Entered on January 05, 2011 by FINY

Posted in, Athletics, In the News

Institute Staff Practitioner Anat Meiri was quoted by Well and Good NYC in a post NYC marathon article promoting the Feldenkrais Method as effective help for runners and other athletes.

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What Skillful Jumping Looks Like

Entered on May 05, 2010 by FINY

Posted in, Athletics, Dance, For Practitioners, In the News

Just a little inspiration for the next time you think about skill and ability…
There is a soundtrack, which you can turn off and watch in stunned silence.

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The Importance of the Knees

Entered on December 21, 2009 by FINY

Posted in, Athletics, Dance, For Practitioners

An interview with Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP.

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“Can Running Actually Help Your Knees?”

Entered on December 16, 2009 by Marek Wyszynski

Posted in, Athletics

The NY Times recently published this article showing research that contradicts the idea that running is bad for your knees. 

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Federer’s Footwork Illustrates Feldenkrais Principles

Entered on November 24, 2009 by Marek Wyszynski

Posted in, Athletics, For Practitioners, In the News

A beautiful video analysis of the principles of well organized movement in the tennis legend Roger Federer. (NY Times video)

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Learning at the Movies

Entered on June 23, 2008 by Admin

Posted in, Athletics, The Brain

Ask anyone whether they’ve seen “The Karate Kid”, and if they hesitate to recall it, all you need to say is “wax on, wax off”.

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