Feldenkrais has studied the body in movement with a precision I have found nowhere else.
Peter Brook, Film & Stage Director

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Embodied Wisdom:  The Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais

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Embodied Wisdom, collects all of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ English language articles and interviews , many of which have not been available since they were originally published. This unique book contains some of Feldenkrais’ most concise and accessible writings, and will be of interest to both the general reader and students and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method. Embodied Wisdom includes an insightful forward by David Zemach-Bersin (free download) and many photographs provided by the Feldenkrais Estate. The book was edited and beautifully annotated by Elizabeth Beringer, with fascinating background information on each piece.

In Embodied Wisdom, Moshe Feldenkrais clearly explains the basic principles and theory behind his techniques of Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration. These thoughtful articles and lively, sometimes humorous interviews explore a diverse range of subjects with something of interest for everyone; human development, psychology, theater, martial arts, learning, awareness, health, consciousness, the importance of bodily expression, the primacy of hearing, the mind-body connection, and movement and its effect on the mind. Embodied Wisdom gives readers an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the principles behind the Feldenkrais Method, and will help everyone to better understand how such extraordinary results are achieved in the application of those principles.
From the Editor’s intro: “Taken together, the articles and interviews become greater than the sum of their parts, forming a diverse and textured whole. The text offers many different points of entry for those unfamiliar with Feldenkrais’s ideas and at the same time provides plenty of territory for in-depth study for the serious student of Feldenkrais’s work.”
From the Foreword: “I hope that the publication of this important and long overdue book will help bring Feldenkrais’ uniquely original and innovative ideas the recognition and the critical analysis they so deserve, and that readers will appreciate this small volume, which is so large in outlook and vision.”

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