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imagePublic recognition of The Feldenkrais Method is growing as new scientific studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the method. At the same time, our culture is becoming increasingly interested in complementary and alternative medical approaches. The Feldenkrais Method is at the leading edge of alternative approaches.

Because The Feldenkrais Method is a general approach to human learning and functioning, it can be applied in a wide variety of fields and settings and there are abundant opportunities for developing new applications of the method. Today, there are over 7,000 Feldenkrais Practitioners around the globe. Many maintain independent private practices in The Feldenkrais Method, and others apply imagethe work in such diverse fields as physical and occupational therapy, child development, rehabilitation, psychology, education, ergonomics, gerontology, theater, dance, music, athletic performance and massage therapy.

The Feldenkrais Method’s unique combination of techniques for self-development, as well as effective applications for helping others, guarantee it a major role in health enhancement for the future.

Participating in a Feldenkrais Method Training Program to become a Feldenkrais practitioner will give you:

  • Improved posture, greater flexibility, better coordination and greater ease of movement, increased vitality, regardless of your age or physical ability.
  • Freedom from or reduction of pain, tension and chronic emotional and physical habit patterns.
  • Skills that can profoundly effect the lives of others and a revolutionary paradigm that produces an extraordinary environment for learning and healing.
  • Unique approaches for effectively helping adults and children with a wide range of chronic aches and pains, orthopedic and neurological problems.
  • Profound psychological and emotional growth, through self-discovery and increased self-knowledge and an understanding of the somatic aspects of emotions, habits, body image, and psychological patterns.
  • An understanding of ‘learning how to learn’ effectively and enjoyably in any area of your life and how to construct positive learning situations to help others.
  • Ways to recognize and transform, for yourself and others, the underlying patterns that create physical pain, stress and strain.
  • Freedom to be self-employed as a Feldenkrais practitioner and options for employment in schools, clinics, hospitals, and universities.
  • Ways to enhance and invigorate your current profession with innovative tools for learning and teaching.
  • Innovative applications for working with people in areas such as music, theater, dance and athletic performance.
  • Membership in an international, growing, creative and exciting profession.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the enormous dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm, inspiration, and experience each of you brings to the program. I hold all of them in high esteem and stand in awe at their expertise and ability to teach. It has given each person some remarkable things – the freedom to possess new awareness and mobility, to regain feeling and function, to move more easily, free of pain. Thank you.
- John Charles Murphy, Member of Mummenschanz

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