Training Program Faculty

David Zemach-Bersin
Educational Director and Primary Trainer

imageDavid Zemach-Bersin, co-founder of the Feldenkrais® Institute of New York, is one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ original American students. He studied with Dr. Feldenkrais from 1973-1984 in the U.S., Europe, and at the Feldenkrais Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel.

David is one of the world’s foremost Feldenkrais teachers and trainers. For over 35 years, David has been involved with the development of the Feldenkrais Method®. He co-founded Feldenkrais Resources in 1983, with Elizabeth Beringer, and the Feldenkrais  Institute of New York in 2005, with Marek Wyszynski. He also co-founded the Feldenkrais Research Foundation in 2007, a non-profit supporting scientific research on The Feldenkrais Method. David is a former President and Training Accreditation Board Member of The Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

David is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher. He directs Feldenkrais Method Training Programs in New York City, and Baltimore. He also teaches in programs in California and Europe, and offers popular post-graduate courses for Feldenkrais practitioners. For almost 40 years, David has maintained a private practice working with a diverse population including people with movement limitations, neurological problems, children, seniors, performing artists, and people with chronic pain. David is a Honors graduate of UC Berkeley, with extensive post-graduate work in physiological psychology, and is the co-author of Relaxercise (HarperCollins), a popular introduction to The Feldenkrais Method. He has created a variety of Feldenkrais audio programs.

David Zemach-Bersin lives with his family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. For Functional Integration sessions, please contact: (215) 230-9208 or The Feldenkrais Institute at (212) 727-1014.


Ruty Bar, M.A.

imageRuty Bar graduated from the Rubin Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem, and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Movement Therapy from Lesley University in Boston. Her Master’s Thesis was an in-depth study of the mind-body connection,  and looked at applying the Feldenkrais Method to treat people with special needs. As a young girl Ruty received many Functional Integration lessons from Dr. Feldenkrais, and her encounters with him led her to join the first IFF sponsored training program in Tel-Aviv in 1984. Ruty is a Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method and teaches worldwide. She is also the Director of the Feldenkrais Training Programs in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Athens, Greece. Ruty teaches courses all around the world, and lives with her husband and children in Israel.

Elizabeth Beringer

imageElizabeth Beringer has been involved with the practice and development of the Feldenkrais Method for over two decades and integrates current advances in the cognitive sciences into the Feldenkrais perspective.  Elizabeth studied directly with Dr. Feldenkrais, in the U.S. and Israel, from 1976 to 1983. She has been the editor of the Feldenkrais Journal for over 10 years and has served the Feldenkrais Guild in numerous capacities.  She is the co-founder of Feldenkrais Resources with David Zemach-Bersin and they have worked together for over 20 years. Elizabeth is the Educational Director of Feldenkrais Method Training Programs in Italy and Switzerland, and teaches courses for physical and occupational therapists. Elizabeth has maintained a private practice since 1981, working with a varied population including those with severe limitations, infants, seniors, musicians, those in chronic pain and has worked extensively with athletes, martial artists and dancers.  She currently holds the rank of 5th degree black belt in the martial art of Aikido and lives with her husband, cognitive scientist, Rafael Nunez, and their daughter, in San Diego, California.

Deborah Bowes, Ph.D., PT

imageDeborah Bowes has worked closely with David Zemach-Bersin for many years. She is known for her clarity and depth of clinical experience gained from over 25 years of teaching in private practice, schools, hospitals and clinics. Starting as a Physical Education teacher in 1973, she has always been intrigued by the relationship between learning, movement and self-image. Deborah received her Physical Therapy degree from Columbia University in 1975 and became a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 1987. She is co-founder of the Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education in San Francisco where she maintains an active private practice teaching the Feldenkrais Method to adults and children. Deborah has taught widely in Feldenkrais training programs since 1993, and is currently Director of Somatics at the Delayed Recovery Center in the Occupational Health Clinic of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco. She has an avid interest in the neurosciences, and lives with her family in San Francisco, California.

Carol Kress

imageCarol Kress is a highly experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner of more than 20 years, and Trainer who brings to her teaching ​a desire for excellence and a wish to communicate the essence of the Feldenkrais Method. ​In her​ private practice​ she works with both adults and children with a variety of difficulties, including chronic pain and neurological problems, as well as performing artists​. Her work is informed by a long-time involvement in equestrian arts, yoga, a passion for Argentine Tango, and her practice of the martial art of Aikido for which she holds a 4th degree black belt.

​Carol first began to study the Feldenkrais Method in 1985, she finished her Feldenkrais ​Professional ​Training Program in 1993. ​Carol​ ​teaches throughout the United States. She is currently completing the editing of Volume One of an in-depth biography of Dr. Feldenkrais, written by her late husband, Trainer, Mark Reese.  Carol lives in Marin County, California

Aliza Stewart, M.Mu.

imageAliza Stewart was trained as a concert pianist and performed extensively in Israel, England and the U.S. She holds a teaching degree and Artist Diploma in Performance from the Rubin Academy in Israel. Her search for more efficient, relaxed movement patterns at the piano brought her to Moshé Feldenkrais in 1980. She completed her Feldenkrais training in 1987 and and is now a Trainer, working in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs around the world. Aliza has worked closely with David Zemach-Bersin since 1995 and helped organize his first Baltimore program in 1997. Aliza is well known for applying the Feldenkrais Method to her work with musicians. She teaches Feldenkrais classes and graduate courses at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore and at the Mannes College of music in Manhattan. She is also in residence at the Yellow Barn Music Festival and the Marlboro music festival. In her private practice, both in Baltimore and in New York, she works with a wide range of clients, including children and has an active teaching and lecturing schedule. Aliza lives in Baltimore with her husband Delmar, a violist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Assistant Trainers:

Sheryl Field

imageSheryl Field, the Executive Director of the Field Center for Children’s Integrated Development, is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and teacher with more than 20 years of full-time clinical experience using Functional Integration to improve the functioning of children with motor disorders.  Sheryl trained with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in Israel and in the United States. An Assistant Trainer in the Institute’s Professional Training Program, Sheryl is one of the few Feldenkrais practitioners in the world who has extended the method to working with infants and children.

During her 20 years of experience using the Feldenkrais Method of Functional Integration, Sheryl has observed much greater improvement in children with motor disorders than is currently reported with other therapies. She has recently submitted a research proposal to the National Institutes of Health to test the efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method scientifically.  Sheryl is also an assistant trainer in the Feldenkrais professional training program with David Zemach-Bersin.

Paris Kern

imageParis Kern has been a Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 1992, and has studied and worked with David Zemach Bersin for the past 14 years. As the Primary Assistant Trainer in the last two Baltimore Feldenkrais Training Programs she has been a consistent presence with the students and brings a compassionate and light hearted manner to her work. By sharing the knowledge she has gained as a Practitioner and mentor to new Practitioners, she teaches people how to be independent and self sustaining in their own growth.

Paris came to the Feldenkrais Method® in 1988, as a professional musician who had been suffering pain so severe that she had to cancel concerts. Searching for relief, she attended a one day Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® workshop. Her response to the exercises was so profound that she felt as though she was coming home. She was impressed with how the Feldenkrais Method was a system based on a profound understanding of human function, intelligence, learning, and behavior, and how Dr. Feldenkrais’ theories addressed her as a whole human being. After taking a series of private Functional IntegrationSM lessons and a few Awareness through Movement classes she able to return to performing music without pain.

Paris’ background as a traditional and contemporary folk-singer helps her bring a spontaneity to her work, which she blends with the solid experience she has developed from 22 years of learning, practicing, and mentoring. She teaches in Feldenkrais Training Programs, and travels widely, teaching equestrians with her program, ‘Riding with the Whole Self’.  Paris lives in Baltimore with her husband and son, and maintains a full-time private practice, working with both adults and children.

Raz Ori

imageRaz Ori is a 2001 graduate of the Tel-Aviv Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. After graduation, he continued to study for two more years with Yochanan Rywerant, one of Dr. Feldenkrais’ first students. Raz teaches public ATM classes and loves guiding and watching his students as they reconstruct their natural ability to move efficiently and with ease. Raz has a private practice and gained a vast clinical experience working at ‘Clalit Complementary Medicine’, part of Israel’s largest HMO, exposing him to the wide diversity of problems with which people come and the richness of solutions with which people leave. He has worked at the ‘Shiba Medical Center’, Israel’s largest public hospital, with disabled war veterans suffering from chronic pain, phantom limb pain, PTSD and head injuries, witnessing the human ability to overcome the impossible. Raz is trained in Ergonomic Prevention and Intervention by the Wingate College for Physical Education. He is an Assistant Trainer, working for Ruty Bar’s Feldenkrais Training Program in Tel-Aviv and with David Zemach-Bersin in New-York. Raz lives in Tel-Aviv, with his wife and three young children, two girls and a boy.

Anastasi Siotas

imageAnastasi Siotas graduated from the Sydney, Australia, Feldenkrais Professional Training in 1992,  and has had a private practice in New York City since 1997. His professional experience includes working as a researcher in cell biology and later as a modern dancer, choreographer and director in Australia. He was the Director of Dance at the Theatre Department of the University of Melbourne, where he was awarded Honors in Science, before completing Masters Degrees in both Education and Dance. Anastasi has continued his studies with Irene Dowd in Kinesthetic Anatomy and at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute, where he has become a Certified Movement Analyst and has taught Anatomy and Kinesiology for the past seven years. He also teaches Experiential Anatomy at the Eugene Lang College of New School University. In addition to his private practice in Manhattan, Anastasi works as an Assistant Trainer for Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs directed by David Zemach-Bersin in New York City and Baltimore, MD. He regularly teaches advanced training workshops and mentoring for Feldenkrais teachers and is a Senior Trainer of Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence programs.

David Zemach-Bersin's teaching and his unique understanding of the Feldenkrais Method has brought me as a Ballet Teacher, Dancer and Choreographer to a higher sense of self. There is a lighter quality to my style, and my movements are directed with increased awareness. Many thanks to David for the wisdom he so graciously shares and gratitude to Dr. Feldenkrais for the method.
- Fiona Morris-Duff, Professional Dance Teacher and Physical Therapist

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