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    Experience the many benefits of Feldenkrais® exercises (also called Awareness Through Movement®) in classes and workshops.

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    Attending a Feldenkrais class is a great way to experience the magic of the Feldenkrais Method®. During the class, you will experience the miracle of sensory-motor learning, and enjoy the benefits of engaging your brain on behalf of your body.

    image Choose from seventeen different classes, six days a week, with ten great teachers. Although no prior experience is required, we especially recommend the Basics Class for newcomers, and the Moving Out of Pain class for or anyone who is in pain.

    Each class features a different Feldenkrais exercise or “lesson,” and involves making gentle movements, slowly with minimal effort, while paying attention to your own sensations and experience. The teacher guides the class verbally, and each person is encouraged to go at their own pace. The movements in a Feldenkrais class are relaxing and non-stressful. Mats are provided for your convenience. NOTE: Late-arrivals are not permitted, so please come a few minutes early. 

    Click Here for a class schedule (or check the right side of this page).


    imageMost of our public Feldenkrais workshops are three hours long, and allow you to focus on specific subjects in depth. They can be extremely useful and provide you with a “bigger” Feldenkrais experience. Typically, we designate one workshop each month as an opportunity in which you may “Bring a Friend for Free.”

    It is possible to register for most of our workshops online. Or, by calling the Feldenkrais Institute: (212) 727-1014.

    To register for workshops sponsored by the Feldenkrais Foundation, please call (212) 727-1014.

    In addition to workshops for the public, we also provide Advanced Training events for Feldenkrais Practitioners, and special courses for Physical Therapists, PTAs and other clinicians.

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    Join David Zemach-Bersin, one of this country’s most distinguished Feldenkrais® Teachers, to experience the miracle of your neuroplasticity in action.

    Saturday, July 29

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    Explore Feldenkrais® exercises designed to improve not only your vision, but your overall sense of comfort and wellbeing.

    Wednesday, August 2

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    By improving your musculoskeletal organization and improving the way you carry your head, Feldenkrais brings freedom and flexibility to your neck and shoulders.

    Tuesday, August 15

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    Learn how to improve the flexibility of your shoulders so that you can use your arms in the ways you’d like, and reduce your vulnerability to injury.

    Wednesday, August 30

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    Solutions for Optimal Mobility guides participants in a wide range of innovative neuro-motor processes designed to address movement problems such as lower back compression, upper back rigidity, hip joint alignment, stiff ankles and knees, deformed feet and toes, stiff or frozen shoulders, stiff neck, weak wrists, vulnerable balance, and asymmetry.

    Tuesday - Sunday, September 5 - 10

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    Feldenkrais Classes

    Awareness Through Movement

    We offer a variety of classes every week with excellent teachers. No prior experience is necessary; your second class is free. If you are new to the Feldenkrais Method or are experiencing physical discomfort, we suggest that you start with our Basics Class. If you are already familiar with the Feldenkrais Method, jump in anywhere.

    Click HERE for up-to-date details and teacher substitutions (if any) and to register in advance for any class.

    **Community classes are pay-what-you-can, with a suggested fee of $10.00.

    For your first class, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time.

    We recommend loose, comfortable clothing.
    Mats, pads are provided.

    All classes are drop-in. Get your first two classes for the price of one!
    Drop-in for $25
    6 class card for $125
    12 class card for $225

    MC/VISA accepted.
    Call (212) 727-1014

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    Improving Your Vision with the Feldenkrais Method
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    Feldenkrais for a Healthy, Pain-Free Neck and Shoulders
    – Tuesday, August 15

    More Shoulder Mobility
    – Wednesday, August 30

    Solutions for Optimal Mobility
    – Tuesday - Sunday, September 5 - 10

    Just to let you know how much Feldenkrais has been helping me, it's been incredible. Aside from the physical benefits (and there has been significant improvement), it serves as a complete release of physical, mental and emotional tension. It helps me deal with the stress going on in my life; gives me the energy to persevere. Thanks!
    - Ann Barlaz, M.Ed.

    Individual Sessions

    The most direct way to benefit from Feldenkrais is to work privately with one of our highly skilled practitioners. In Functional Integration lessons, the work is tailored specifically to your needs, the touch is gentle and communicative, and your comfort is respected.  Call 212-727-1014 for an appointment.

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    Feldenkrais has studied the body in movement with a precision I have found nowhere else.
    - Peter Brook, Film & Stage Director