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    All are welcome to attend!

    The Feldenkrais Institute of New York is delighted to welcome the internationally recognized Senior Feldenkrais Trainer, Ruthy Alon, with her newest workshop in the Solutions for Optimal Mobility program.  Exploring new themes, this workshop offers easily applicable self-care strategies for an array of individual functional problems, and is open to everyone. Ruthy Alon is an extraordinary teacher and one of Dr. Moshe Feldenrkais’ original students. Because she is reducing her travel schedule, this is a rare opportunity to work with Ruthy Alon in person.

    Solutions for Optimal Mobility explores several new themes and a variety of important functional problems. Participants will explore a range of innovative neuro-motor processes and learn easily applicable self-care strategies to address common movement related issues including facial tension, balance and posture, sitting and squatting, pelvic floor health, and new processes for the lower back

    Ruthy Alon believes that learning awakens the biological intelligence of the organism. Her approach is designed to help us to free ourselves from the limitations of our automatic habits, and restore our ability to make healthy sensory-kinesthetic differentiations. It supports us in developing trust in our own individual sensory integrity.

    “Ruthy Alon is a wellspring of wisdom, a true teacher an an inspiration to all who have an opportunity to learn from her…”
    – David Zemach-Bersin

    “Guiding people to master the solutions independently is like teaching people how to fish, rather than giving them a fish.”
    – Ruthy Alon

    Requirements for Movement Solutions Teacher Certification

    This workshop is open to everyone. However, Ruthy will begin the certification process for those interested in becoming a Movement Intelligence Solutions Teacher during this 6-day workshop. She will introduce an aspect of the teacher training program called the ‘Didactic,’ which requires participants to analyze Solutions Processes according to a set of 10 questions designed to guide your inquiry into the organic logic of each lesson. Participants will receive a ‘provisional certification’ to begin teaching. Completion and full Teacher Certification requires further study with one of Ruthy’s Senior Movement Intelligence Trainers, either live or virtually, over a period of time.

    Date: Tuesday - Sunday, September 5 - 10
    Times: Tuesday: 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm
    Wednesday - Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
    Sunday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pmPlease call 212-727-1014 to register!
    Open to: Everyone
    Regular Tuition: $740 through August 25; $790 thereafter.
    Feldenkrais Practitioners receive a 10% discount.
    10% travel discount available
    Member Tuition: $630 (FPTP Trainees receive this discount as well!)
    Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
    134 W 26 St, 2 Floor (betw. 6 & 7 Aves)
    New York NY 10001

    Teacher: Ruthy Alon (Special Guest Faculty)

    imageRuthy Alon is a senior Feldenkrais Trainer, author of Mindful Spontaneity, and the creator of many audio programs. The Feldenkrais Method® has been the central axis of Ruthy’s development and professional contributions for half a century. She was a member of Dr. Feldenkrais’ first group of students, and has taught his approach for the improvement of human functioning all over the world.

    A beloved teacher, Ruthy is a master at deciphering complex patterns of movement and creating solutions for improving them. Her clear verbal explanations empower her students to comprehend the work on their own, and experience a sense of personal success.

    Cancellation Policy

    ● For 3-hour workshops with less than 24 hours notice, we will apply the full amount of your credit towards a future event.

    ● For single and multi-day workshops:
    • Received at least 8 days prior: A full refund minus a $50 administrative fee
    • Received 7 days to 24 hours prior: A full Feldenkrais Institute account credit minus a $50 administrative fee
    • Within 24 hours or during event: A 50% Feldenkrais Institute account credit, prorated on the days remaining, minus a $50 administrative fee

    Product Categories

    Individual Sessions

    The most direct way to benefit from Feldenkrais is to work privately with one of our highly skilled practitioners. In Functional Integration lessons, the work is tailored specifically to your needs, the touch is gentle and communicative, and your comfort is respected.  Call 212-727-1014 for an appointment.

    As a career dancer and teacher, I am no longer feeling daily discomfort from the over-use of muscle groups, and I am more efficient with teaching movement. I truly believe that whatever you are pursuing in life, Feldenkrais can help you achieve your goal in a clear and gentle way.
    - Lise Weber-Frutchey, Dancer and Choreographer

    Please join us for:

    Your Neuroplasticity in Action
    Saturday, July 29

    Improving Your Vision with the Feldenkrais Method
    Wednesday, August 2

    Feldenkrais for a Healthy, Pain-Free Neck and Shoulders
    Tuesday, August 15

    More Shoulder Mobility
    Wednesday, August 30

    Feldenkrais Classes

    Awareness Through Movement

    We offer a variety of classes every week with excellent teachers. No prior experience is necessary; your second class is free. If you are new to the Feldenkrais Method or are experiencing physical discomfort, we suggest that you start with our Basics Class. If you are already familiar with the Feldenkrais Method, jump in anywhere.

    Click HERE for up-to-date details and teacher substitutions (if any) and to register in advance for any class.

    **Community classes are pay-what-you-can, with a suggested fee of $10.00.

    For your first class, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time.

    We recommend loose, comfortable clothing.
    Mats, pads are provided.

    All classes are drop-in. Get your first two classes for the price of one!
    Drop-in for $25
    6 class card for $125
    12 class card for $225

    MC/VISA accepted.
    Call (212) 727-1014

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