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    imageVision is the primary sense through which sighted people experience the world. When our eyes are open, our brain receives ten times more information than from all of our other senses combined. Despite its importance, the quality and clarity of our vision can become diminished without our knowing why. Fortunately, it is possible for us to change many of the habits that interfere with comfortable, effective vision. If we improve the way in which we use our eyes, we can regain our ability to see more clearly.

    David Webber is a Feldenkrais® Teacher who lost his eyesight and was declared legally blind. He regained his vision by working with the principles of the Feldenkrais Method®, and has been a popular presenter at past FGNA Conferences. David’s story was featured in the New York Times bestseller, The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Recoveries and Discoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity by Dr. Norman Doidge, M.D. We are honored to present this valuable workshop with David Webber. It is open to everyone including Feldenkrais Practitioners, Training Program students, and members of the public.

    Join us for an unusual exploration of the brain’s remarkable neuro-plastic potential for visual learning and improvement. This workshop will help you to use your eyes easily and effortlessly, the way that nature intended. When unnecessary eye tension is reduced, increased blood flow can ‘feed’ the eyes with essential healing nutrients. With your eye muscles relaxed, your eyes can re-learn to move freely in all directions and focus comfortably on objects both near, and far. As you use mindfulness and gentle movement to achieve better focus and greater visual comfort, you may experience a significant reduction of tension and discomfort in your neck, back and shoulders, as well. 


    In 1996, while enjoying a successful career as a computer network integrator, David Webber was diagnosed with a severe case of uveitis, an immune system disorder causing inflammation of the eyes. It was a painful condition and, David suffered significant damage to both optic nerves. He also had cataracts in both eyes, and glaucoma. In 2002, after five surgeries, David’s visual acuity was 20/800, and he was declared legally blind. Desperate to find a way to save his vision, David tried ancient Buddhist exercises for healing the eyes, and the Bates Method of Vision Improvement. Then, Feldenkrais Teacher Marion Harris of the Feldenkrais Centre in Toronto, invited him to attend a series of Awareness Through Movement® classes.

    As David recounts: “Although my eyes were still very inflamed and out of control, I was impressed with how mental attention directed to gentle movements of my body released chronic tension in my muscles and made moving safer and more pleasurable. I took part in a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program for my own self-improvement, and discovered that I could apply my understanding of how to build computer systems, in combination with the Feldenkrais Method, to solve the problem of how to heal, rewire and reactivate myself: my eyes, visual system, brain, and body. The normalization of my immune and visual system was rapid and remarkable. For the last ten years I have been without medication for my eyes, and today my visual acuity is 20/25.”

    David Webber has been teaching Seeing Clearly © workshops and presenting at the Natural Vision Conference in North America and Europe for the past ten years. He lives and practices in Toronto, Canada and Vienna, Austria.

    “David Webber is a remarkable person. His personal knowledge, developed in his struggle to find functional vision for himself after severe loss, combined with his use of the Feldenkrais Method, makes his approach useful for everyone.”
    ~Carl Ginsburg, Ph.D., Senior Feldenkrais Trainer

    Date: Friday Evening – Sun, April 7 – 9
    Times: Friday Evening: 4:00 — 9:00 pm
    Saturday: 10:00 am — 5:00 pm
    Sunday: 9:00 am — 4:00 pm
    Open to: Public
    Regular Tuition: $390 until March 31; $425 thereafter;
    Discounts available for Guild Members, Trainees and for travel >100 mi; Call for Details
    Member Tuition: $340
    Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
    134 W 26 St, 2 Floor (betw. 6 & 7 Aves)
    New York NY 10001

    Cancellation Policy: For 3-hr evenings—credit toward a future event. For single and multi-day workshops—full refunds are available minus a $75 administrative fee, provided we receive your written notice at least 14 days before the starting day of the workshop. With less than 14 days notice, the Institute will credit your tuition, minus the administrative fee, towards a future workshop.

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    The most direct way to benefit from Feldenkrais is to work privately with one of our highly skilled practitioners. In Functional Integration lessons, the work is tailored specifically to your needs, the touch is gentle and communicative, and your comfort is respected.  Call 212-727-1014 for an appointment.

    Just to let you know how much Feldenkrais has been helping me, it's been incredible. Aside from the physical benefits (and there has been significant improvement), it serves as a complete release of physical, mental and emotional tension. It helps me deal with the stress going on in my life; gives me the energy to persevere. Thanks!
    - Ann Barlaz, M.Ed.

    Please join us for:

    The Feldenrais Gym with Josh
    Tuesday, March 28

    Seeing the Image Through Self and Space
    Wednesday, March 29

    Feldenkrais Biography: A Life in Movement
    Tuesday, April 4

    Seeing Clearly
    Friday Evening – Sun, April 7 – 9

    Feldenkrais Classes

    Awareness Through Movement

    We offer over a dozen classes every week with excellent teachers. No prior experience is necessary; your second class is free. If you are new to the Feldenkrais Method or are experiencing physical discomfort, we suggest that you start with our Basics Class. If you are already familiar with the Feldenkrais Method, jump in anywhere; come to any of our ten weekly Open Classes.

    Click HERE for up-to-date details and teacher substitutions (if any) and to register in advance for any class.

    **Community classes are pay-what-you-can, with a suggested fee of $10.00.

    For your first class, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time.

    We recommend loose, comfortable clothing.
    Mats, pads are provided.

    All classes are drop-in. Get your first two classes for the price of one!
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    Members receive FREE unlimited classes and one FREE Functional Integration session every month

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